This data set provides the number of votes at the first round of the 2002 French presidential election for each of the 16 candidates for 106 administrative districts called "Départements".


presidentielles2002 is a data frame of 106 rows (the French administrative districts called "Departements") and 16 columns (the candidates).


The data are provided by the French ministry "Ministère de l'Intérieur". The original data can be downloaded at (2002 elections and "Résultats par départements").


The 2002 French presidential election consisted of two rounds. The second round attracted a greater than usual amount of international attention because of far-right candidate Le Pen's unexpected victory over Socialist candidate Lionel Jospin. The event is known because, on the one hand, the number of candidates was unusually high (16) and, on the other hand, because the polls had failed to predict that Jean-Marie Le Pen would be on the second round.

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data(presidentielles2002) apply(presidentielles2002,2,sum)
#> MEGRET LEPAGE GLUCKSTEIN BAYROU CHIRAC LE_PEN #> 667043 535875 132696 1949219 5666021 4804772 #> TAUBIRA SAINT_JOSSE MAMERE JOSPIN BOUTIN HUE #> 660515 1204801 1495774 4610267 339157 960548 #> CHEVENEMENT MADELIN LAGUILLER BESANCENOT #> 1518568 1113551 1630118 1210562