Methods for the result of initGrid (myGrid object)

# S3 method for myGrid
print(x, ...)

# S3 method for myGrid
summary(object, ...)

# S3 method for myGrid
plot(x, show.names = TRUE, names = 1:prod(x$dim), ...)



myGrid object


Further arguments to the plot function.


myGrid object


Whether the cluster names must be printed in center of the grid or not. Default to TRUE (names not displayed).


If show.names = TRUE, values of the names to display. Default to the cluster number.


The myGrid class has the following entries:

  • coord 2-column matrix with x and y coordinates of the grid units

  • topo topology of the grid;

  • dim dimensions of the grid (width corresponds to x coordinates)

  • dist.type distance type that defines the topology of the grid.

During plotting, the color filling process uses the coordinates of the object x included in x$coord.

See also

initGrid to define a myGrid class object.


# creating grid a.grid <- initGrid(dimension=c(5,5), topo="square", dist.type="maximum") # plotting grid # without any color specification plot(a.grid)
# generating colors from rainbow() function my.colors <- grDevices::rainbow(5*5) plot(a.grid) + ggplot2::scale_fill_manual(values = my.colors)