This package implements the stochastic (also called on-line) Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithms for numeric and relational data.

It is based on a grid (see initGrid), which is part of the parameters given to the algorithm (see initSOM and trainSOM). Many graphs can help you with the results (see plot.somRes).


License:GPL (>= 2)

The version of the SOM algorithm implemented in this package is the stochastic version.

Several variants able to handle non-vectorial data are also implemented in their stochastic versions: type="korresp" for contingency tables, as described in Cottrell et al., 2004 (with the observation weights defined in Cottrell and Letremy, 2005) and type="relational" for dissimilarity data, as described in Olteanu and Villa-Vialaneix, 2015a with the fast implementation of Mariette et al., 2017. A special focus has been put on representing graphs, as described in Olteanu and Villa-Vialaneix, 2015b.


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